MFT Panel
Precoated with Temprotex

Part Number: PAN-NAS1

Strong, light, Temprotex coated panel, NASCAR reviewed, for use with Car of Tomorrow side barrier systems. The coating encapsulated fire retardant panel is coated both sides with ductile, waterproof, heat insulating, fire barrier and fire extinguishing coating. Easily bendable and cuttable to fit custom shapes and applications. Also effective as a mounting panel for other "in car" components and accessories.

Coating Features:
  • Color - light red
  • Panel Weight: ~5.6 lb (est)
  • Dimensions:52" panel with 14 x 10" cut out and coated both sides

Coatings are mildly ductile, water proof, impact resistant and resilient to:
  • Grease and Oil
  • Trichloroethylene (Misty™ high solvency cleaning solvent)
  • Naphthenic petroleum oil mixture & alaphatic petroleum distillates (Like Liquid Wrench)
  • Windex and Fantastic cleaners
  • Butoxyethanol all purpose cleaning solvent
Tested in accordance with SFI 54.1

Fire Protective Coatings on FOX/NASCAR

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