Building Code Fire Protection

TPR2 has developed revolutionary products and solutions for fire, heat, thermal and safety issues that builders, engineers and architects face when dealing with fire prevention in buildings and adhering to today's strict building codes. TPR2 proprietary formulations, unique product compositions and rapid, custom solutions build a strong foundation for cost effective, creative, quick-response solutions to suit fire protection for building code adherence.

TPR2 understands the importance as well as the cost of the new fire and safety codes being imposed on the marketplace. Although necessary, they do add expense, labor, and almost always, complication. TPR2 coatings, additives, and composites save customers money, unlike the difficulty and expense of making structure modifications in order to comply with new and upgraded codes. Overall system costs actually save customers money.

Building Code Fire Protective Paints / Coatings / Primers

Part Number: F10E

FIRESHELL® NFPA 286 Thermal Barrier Coating

FIRESHELL® NFPA 286 is a proprietary non-flammable, intumescing coating that is the only coating to pass NFPA 286 over all kinds of insulation foam. For interior use on walls, insulation foams, attics, and crawl spaces.

Part Number: BMS-TC

FIRESHELL® for Bayseal® Foams

NFPA 286 intumescent coating for Bayseal® CC Closed Cell Foam.

Part Number: JM-TC

FIRESHELL® for Corbond/JM Sprayfoams

NFPA 286 intumescent coating for Corbond/JM Sprayfoams.

Part Number: F1 & F4

AFES Fire Extinguishing Paint

AFES fire extinguishing paint is a proprietary non-flammable coating that is flexible, ductile, and elastomeric. This coating extinguishes liquid fires as tested in accordance with SFI 54.1 and maintains protective integrity in vapor fires.

Part Number: F5E

Fire Extinguishing / Intumescing / Insulating Coating

FIRESHELL® is a a non-flammable, water based, intumescing coating that is flexible, ductile and elastomeric. This coating is suitable for interior or exterior surfaces and can be latex or oil-based topcoatable.

Part Number: F1E

FIRESHELL® - Interior / Exterior Barrier Coating

FIRESHELL® is a proprietary waterproof, non-flammable, fire retardant, intumescing coating that can be used indoors or outdoors as a barrier coating and ignition barrier.

Part Number: IB4

FIRESHELL® - Interior Barrier Coating

FIRESHELL® is a proprietary, non-flammable, fire retardant, intumescing coating for interior use as a barrier coating and ignition barrier.

Part Number: IP10

FIRESAFE® Paint - Interior Paint

FIRESAFE® is proprietary interior paint perfect for sheetrock, electrical panels and walls. It can be tinted to make custom colors and passes ASTM E84 Class "A".
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ICC-ES Approves New Fire Test Protocol for Spray Applied Polyurethane Foam in AC377

Birmingham, AL. June 3, 2009, the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) approved changes in AC-377, Acceptance Criteria for Spray Allied Polyurethane Foam. This approval had the effect of sun-setting a previous fire testing method and implementing a new one, with phaseout milestones extending to December 2010.

The new fire testing protocol, an NFPA 286 test modified for the purposes of testing alternative ignition barriers for SPF, becomes one of several available tests recognized within the AC-377. Full Article

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